Unisex Botanical Fragrance


Perched on a cliff off the coast of Maine is a cabin overlooking the sea.  Sandalwood and seaweed notes combine like waves meeting a rocky shoreline, as a sweet breeze drifts over salt-kissed skin. Glowing fossilized amber and vanilla intertwine, calling for an afternoon nap by the garden, as moored boats glisten in the rising tide.  Waterledge is a fresh, warm fragrance that evokes memories of returning home after a sun-filled day of sailing.


fossilized amber





ylang ylang

This Eau de Parfum fragrance is all natural, made entirely from plant essences with no synthetic fragrance materials, in a pure alcohol base distilled from organically grown grain.

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This fragrance is a wonderful collaboration between myself and Priya Narasimhan of Priya Means Love, whom I met through friends at a botanical fragrance class she taught. I was blown away by Priya’s attention to detail, knowledge of fragrance structure, and ability to convey a story through scent. As soon as I smelled the fossilized amber she passed around in class, I knew what I wanted from my signature scent. Fossilized amber transported me to the inside of my grandfather’s boat, which we would sail around the small rocky islands near my family's Maine cottage. I wanted to capture the feeling of coming off the sailboat, salty and fresh with some lingering tanning oil, ready for a nap on the porch swing.  After months of working with Priya, we came to this beautiful botanical fragrance aptly named WATERLEDGE, the name my great-grandparents gave their cliffside cottage over 50 years ago.