Women’s Evening Wear is not only something that I have always had a passion for but it has become a huge part of my business. I have found that when you actually listen to women they tell you exactly what will work on them. I start by listening to what shapes work for them and what fabrics or colors they gravitate towards. Through the design process, I create garments to flatter every shape and size.

In my shop, there are no sizes, just your size.

It is hard to believe that after just a year and a half my little shop in Unionville has achieved recognition all the way out in the Main Line. I am so proud to have the Best of the Main Line stamp of approval on my front door. It would have never been possible without the unwavering support of my family and the local community. Thank you.

It can only go up from here. Watch out Philly, you're next!

David Ferron