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The philosophy at DAVID FERRON is…

Your Body Infinite Options.  Studying and working in the New York fashion industry for a decade opened my eyes to some major flaws in the current fashion system.  From sizing issues in stores to crippling runway costs, I have decided to approach my business in a different way. I create functional pieces specifically designed for each client’s needs, body, and occasion.

In the past, it was not unusual for women to have clothes made for them by a dressmaker. People are craving that experience today. We have seen the growth of fast fashion and know that not only is it harmful to the planet, but the clothes do not fit and are unwearable after a few washes.

In my shop, there are no sizes, just your size.

The clothes should be made to fit the body, not the body to fit the clothes. I work one on one with each client to create something completely original that truly fits. 

My process always starts with sitting down and sketching with my client.

My goal is to make every client feel at home while working with them to create pieces that will flatter every part of them, look modern and last for years to come.


Your Body | Infinite Options

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