When you meet Tasha the first thing you notice is her smile, she literally lights up the room! Every time she came into the shop she was a force of positive energy and we developed a style that reflected her spirit as much as possible. The final asymmetrical jersey dress is one part edgy, one part drape, and one part comfort.

While designing this dress we truly took into account wearability. We wanted something that she could not only wear many times but could be made in many different fabrics in the future!

Congratulations, Tasha!

It’s hard to put into words the feeling one has when everything comes together so perfectly. There is a knowing that all the planning and attention to detail have paid off because in the moment of celebration all is flowing, filled with light, beauty, and love. I know you feel this way when you create and design. I loved watching and participating in this process with you. My UNUNTU dress was and is the playful expression of me, through and through. Thank you for the perfect detail that I wore for my outdoor
commitment ceremony, a moment when there was light, beauty, and so much love.
— Tasha
David Ferron